The Royal Australian Air Force’s Air Power Development Centre has just launched a new newsletter on their website. Entitled Aimpoint, its aim is to:

The intent of this newsletter is to provide members of the RAAF, the ADF and the public with a quick and easy means of remaining current with worldwide developments relating to air power and to stimulate discussion on Australian air power. These newsletters also provide an update on APDC activities such as air power conferences and seminars, links to APDC products such as air power doctrine, books and Pathfinders, and noteworthy air power articles from around the world.

Of particular interest in this first newsletter are the latest Pathfinder papers produced by the centre. These are:

No. 133 – Defining Air Power: Part I – Evolution of the Term

No. 134 – The RAAF in Non-military Operations

Also of interest is the latest issue of the Australian Defense Forces Journal, which concentrates on the subject of Joint Professional Military Education.


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