On this page you will find links to useful Air Power related resources such as theses.

Air Historical Branch Narratives

One of the key responsibilities of the AHB is to produce narratives for the RAF. Like most documents they remain classified for a set amount of time but eventually they are released for public consumption. They can be found at the National Archives in the AIR 41 files. However, they can also be found on the RAF’s Centre for Air Power Studies website here.

Air Power related Theses

Here you will find a list of air power based theses and links to where you can download them; just click on the hyperlink. The links to the UK based thesis will usually take you to the British Library’s ETHOS site where you just need to enter the title and download from there.

Ash, Eric ‘Sir Frederick Sykes and the Air Revolution, 1912-1918’ PhD Thesis (University of Calgary, 1995)

Buckley, John ‘The Development of RAF Coastal Command Trade Defence Strategy, Policy and Doctrine, 1919-1945’ PhD Thesis (University of Lancaster, 1991)

Buckman, Mark ‘The Influence of UN and NATO Theater-Level Commanders on the Use of Airpower over Bosnia during Operation Deny Flight, 1993-1995’ PhD Thesis (King’s College London, 1999)

Connelly, Corvin ‘Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Cotesworth Slessor and the Anglo-American Air Power Alliance, 1940-1945’ PhD Thesis (Texas A and M University, 2001)

Conway, Andrew ‘Allied Air Power and Intelligence in the Mediterranean, June 1940-December 1943’ MA Thesis (University of Canterbury, 1994)

Evans, Christopher ‘Tactical Air Power in the Normandy Campaign: The Role of 83 Group’ MA Thesis (Wilfred Laurier University, 1998)

Fahey, John ‘Britain 1939-1945: The Economic Cost of Strategic Bombing’ PhD Thesis (University of Sydney, 2006)

Gooderson, Ian ‘Allied Close Air Support, 1943-1945’ PhD Thesis (King’s College London, 1994)

Gray, Peter ‘The Strategic Leadership and Direction of the Royal Air Force Strategic Air Offensive against Germany from Inception to 1945’ Phd Thesis (University of Birmingham, 2010)

Greenacre, John ‘The Development of Britain’s Airborne Forces during the Second World War’ PhD Thesis (University of Leeds, 2008)

Henrikson, Dag ‘Operation Allied Force: A Product of Military Theory or Political Pragmatism? An Examination of the Role of Air Power in Handling the Kosovo Crisis, 1998-99’ PhD Thesis (University of Glasgow, 2005)

Jordan, David ‘The Army Co-Operation Missions of the Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force 1914 – 1918’ PhD Thesis (University of Birmingham, 1997)

Lawrence, Keith ‘Cautious Steps: The Development and Use of Tactical Air Power by the RAF during the Second World War’ MA Thesis (McGill University, 2001)

Luck, Christopher ‘The Smuts Report: Interpreting and Misinterpreting the Promise of Airpower’ MA Thesis (School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, 2007)

Mahoney, Ross ‘The Royal Air Force, Combined Operations Doctrine and the Raid on Dieppe, 19 August 1942’ MPhil Thesis (University of Birmingham, 2009)

Noakes, Jeffrey ‘Proud to Serve: An Operational History of Number 162 (Bomber Reconnaissance) Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force, 1942-1945’ MA Thesis (University of New Brunswick, 1997)

Perrun, Jody ‘Missed Opportunities: First Canadian Army and the Air Plan for Operation Totalize, 7-10 August 1944’ MA Thesis (Carleton University, 1999)

Pye, Adam ‘Evolution in Action: The Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force and the Development of Ground Attack in World War I’ MA Thesis (University of Calgary, 2003)

Rufilli, Dean ‘Operational Research and the Royal Canadian Air Force Eastern Air Command’s Search for Efficiency in Airborne Anti-Submarine Warfare 1942-1945’ MA Thesis (Wilfred Laurier University, 2001)

Sinnott, Colin ‘RAF Operational Requirements, 1923-1939’ PhD Thesis (King’s College London, 1998)

So, Cintae ‘Tethered Falcon: The South Korean Air Force, 1946-1956’ PhD Thesis (King’s College London, 1996)

Sparnon, Neil ‘Eastern front : the USAF, RAF and East Anglia, 1946-1964’ PhD Thesis (Anglia Ruskin University, 2006)

Sterrett, James ‘Soviet Air Force Operational Theory, 1918 -1945’ PhD Thesis (King’s College London, 2004)

Thin, Jeremy ‘The Pre-History of Royal Air Force Area Bombing, 1917-1942’ MA Thesis (University of Canterbury, 2008)

Till, Geoffrey ‘The Impact of Airpower on the Royal Navy in the 1920s’ PhD Thesis (University of London, 1976)

Venables, Mark ‘The Place of Air Power Doctrine in Post-War British Defence Planning, and its Influence on the Genesis and Development of the Theory of Nuclear Deterrence, 1945-1952’ PhD Thesis (King’s College London, 1985)

Waldie, Derek ‘Relations between the Army and the Royal Air Force 1918-1939’ PhD Thesis (King’s College London, 1980)

Whitely, Craig ‘Cavalry of the Clouds: Aspects of the Air War in the Eastern theatre, 1914-1918’ MA Thesis (University of Canterbury, 1997)

RAF Historical Society Journals

If you are not a member of the RAF Historical Society you can find a downloadable copy of old journals on the RAF Museum’s website here; an invaluable resource.


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