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Air Power Studies Postgraduate Symposium at the University of Birmingham

As previously mentioned here are the deatils for the forthcoming Air Power Postgraduate Symposium that is being held at the University of Birmingham on 23 September.

Air Power Studies

Thursday 23rd September 2010

Air Power Postgraduate Research Symposium

Lecture Room 8, Third Floor, Arts Building, University of Birmingham

An informal exploration of air power research topics and issues.


0930 Coffee and Registration

1000 Welcome and Introduction by Air Commodore (Ret’d) Dr Peter Gray (Director of Air Power Studies)

1005 A Recent Graduate’s perspective Air Commodore Neville Parton PhD

Panel 1

1030-1050 Ross Mahoney – The Leadership Effectiveness of Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory

1050-1110 Peter Dye – Air Power and Logistics in the First World War

1110-1130 James Pugh – Control of the Air

1130 Coffee – Foyer on Third Floor – Lecture Room 8

Panel 2

1150-1210 Andy Walters – Air Power and COIN

1210-1230 Tom Withington – Title (TBC)

1300 Lunch

1345 The External Examiner’s Perspective by Professor Gary Sheffield with Air Power input from Dr Christina Goulter of the  JSCSC, KCL

Panel 3

1415-1435 Kenny Fuchter – China (TBC)

1435-1455 Clive Richards – The Air Ministry 1932 – 1949

1455-1515 Peter Preston-Hough – Air Superiority over Burma 1941-1945

1515 Tea

1530 What the Air Historical Branch can do for you by Seb Cox, Head of the Air Historical Branch, MoD

Panel 4

1600-1620 Ian Shields – tbc

1620-1640 John Alexander – The RAF in Hashemite Iraq

1645 Wash-up and discussion by Proffessor Gary Sheffield

1700 Close

Please contact Mrs Carolyn Sweet, Secretary of the Centre for First World War Studies, to confirm attendance. Tel.: 0121 414 3983 e-mail: Directions and downloadable maps are also available from the University of Birmingham Web Site.

Any questions please post here.


Air Power Studies Postgraduate Symposium at the University of Birmingham

Air Power Studies Postgraduate Symposium

23 September 2010

University of Birmingham

The Centres for First and Second World War Studies is pleased to announce its first Air Power Studies Symposium. The symposium aims to highlight the innovative research that is currently being undertaken at the university and will cover a wide range of air power topics. The aim of the day is to bring the research community together and give students an opportunity to deliver a paper about their research. As well as researchers at the university there will be papers delivered by postgraduates from other institutions.

In addition to these papers there will be several workshops on various aspects of air power and the academic process, which will be of interest to PhD students.

Confirmed speakers for these workshops include:

  • Air Commodore Neville Parton, Director, Harrier, Survival and Tornado, Defence Equipment & Support
    • Air Commodore Parton has just completed his PhD on the development of RAF Doctrine and will be talking about the examination process and experience
  • Dr David Jordan, Senior Lecturer in Defence Studies, Joint Services Command and Staff College
  • Dr Christina Goulter, Senior Lecturer in Defence Studies, Joint Services Command and Staff College
    • Drs Jordan and Goulter will be talking about the role that an external examiner plays in the examination process
  • Sebastian Cox, Head of the RAF’s Air Historical Branch
    • Seb Cox will be talking about the role the Air Historical Branch has in the development of Air Power Studies

More details will be posted here when they are ready.

For more information either post here or email Peter Gray at


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